Cue Online HighStreet 5 – the world’s first global online dancing game – has danced its way to Southeast Asia! In HighStreet 5, you can dress your character in the latest fashion and dance in extravagant 30-person dance halls along to the latest hit music. Talk to other players online and see them face-to-face using video chat, and link up with your friends and family using our Friends system to make it easy to get together and dance!HighStreet 5
Get ready to break down and dance with Audition, an online dance game that'll stimulate your gaming experience like no other online game. Compete with your friends in different modes to be the best dancer on stage. With simple directional and space bar keystrokes, enjoy the marvellous dance steps and choreographic moves. Customise your own unique character and stand out from the crowd.Audition

Acclaim's DANCE! Online is a game where you can enjoy fantastic dance to the beat! All you need is your PC and the keyboard's direction keys to go! You can also use a PC compatible dance pad if you prefer. It's all about dance and music. In DANCE! Online you will find variety of songs ranging from soft ballads to techno. DANCE! Online let's you complete or perform in a group. As you dance and improve, you level up and you can get into the official ranking. DANCE! online gives you an avatar and you can buy clothing and accessories to make it your very own. It's your virtual dance avatar. DANCE! Online is free and you just need to register by clicking on the 'register now' button, download the game and then click the play button.DANCE! Online
Cubinet Interactive is presenting a game based on the latest fashion, hip hop and energy that is beyond players expectations with the virtual reality background, fancy dance move, luxurious fashion wardrobe and fun character customization. The tradition breaking make-up system in [STEPS] allows you to avoid the STEPS Carom 3D is an online multi-user billiard game created with special 3D graphic effects bringing every aspect such as 6 ball, 9 ball, 8 ball and other Billiard games to life. Carom literally means a collision followed by a rebound in a billiard game. Commonly, Pool is referred to a billiard game with pockets, while Carom is a game without pockets and just using cushions. Carom, unlike Pool, is a game that you use the cushions to gain points rather than the pockets.Carom 3d

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