Gekkeiju Online is a Fantasy based indie 3d Multi-user dungeon. The game has adopted a lot of good features from text based MUDs and combined them with features from normal MMORPGs. This allows the game to have some very unique features that have not been seen in any MMORPG before.
Being developed by a non-profit indie team the game is able to bring totally new features to the genre of online rpgs. The game is always under construction which means that new content gets constantly added unlike in most free online rpgs out there.

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Gekkeiju Online Overview and Features:
  • 3D Graphics and sounds
  • a huge ever-growing 3d world
  • 3 different camera/character control modes
  • Player owned and commandable boats
  • Rentable houses with lots of ways to decorate them
  • Unique magic system with many different elements
  • Content rich ingame help-system with easy navigation
  • Weekly Official events such as PvP Tournaments
  • Tameable creatures that can be used as mounts or trained for combat
  • Clan system for players to create their own clans
  • Capturable clan castles for clan castle wars
  • Several global chat channels for players to communicate
  • Crafting system including for example blacksmithing and tailoring
  • Over 40 different materials for use with crafting
  • Monster Crystal-system for enchanting items
  • Bulk Order-system for Merchants to earn experience without fighting
  • Carts for merchants to sell their wares even while not being online
  • 5 Character Classes with their own Guilds
  • Hundreds of different skills
  • Support for parties up to 8 players
  • Random Quest based instance dungeons with difficulty selector
  • Reincarnation system allowing Character Class change
  • Weapon types from unarmed to ranged
  • Original weather system that heavily affects the gameplay
  • Marriage system allowing players to get married
  • Features known to most MUDs but never seen in MMORPGs
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Gekkeiju Online System Requirements

Minimum Requirements:
256 Mb 3d card that supports DirectX 9
512 Mb of RAM (512+ in Linux)
150 Mb of hard disk space
Pentium (or compatible) 2400 Mhz
DirectX 9c+
Windows XP Service Pack 2
Broadband connection (256/256 ADSL or better)

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