Tales Runner is a 3D MMO racing game, but  instead of using cars to race, players run. This unique racing game  takes place in a cartoon world that has some of the most original and  chaotic maps ever seen. With four racers, a dozen or so crazy items and  several special abilities, TalesRunner is a one-of-a-kind racing MMO. It  is very popular in Korea.Tales Runner

Drift city is a racing MMO set In the near future with a well  developed mission system and fun, fast paced racing. With multiple large  cities, tons of missions, and lots of cars with customizable parts,  this is one unique and enjoyable game.

Drift City
Project Powder is an innovative fast paced 3D racer Snowboarding MMO with multiple game options. Unlike most racing games, a large portion of the game relies entirely on skill rather than game items and luck. Perform tricks while racing in order to fill up your boost; the more advanced tricks you do, the more your boost meter fills. Whether you race and battle against friends online or complete the game’s huge list of single player challenges, Project Powder is a blast. Project Powder

HEAT online (Project Torque, Level R) is a free-to-play MMORG (Massively Multiplayer Online Racing Game) developed by Invictus-Games Ltd. Experience the thrills of high-speed on and off road racing with tens of awesome cars in HEAT online.Heat OnlineFreeJack is a parkour racing game with slick cartoon-style graphics and innovative new gameplay mechanics based on the underground sport of free running. In FreeJack, players race head-to-head across the urban metropolis of New Jack City as one of four hip characters, bustin’ stylish flips and tricks to increase their speed and gain access to hidden pathways and shortcuts.FreeJackNeed For Speed World Online is a multi-player PC game jointly developed by Black Box, the developer of the Need for Speed franchise, and EA’s online studio in Singapore.Need for Speed World

Especially developed for the Electronic Sports World Cup 2006,  Trackmania Nations ESWC is being offered free of charge to players  around the world. This special version of the arcade-racing game  features a brand new environment, the Stadium, and revolutionary new  gameplay designed for Nadeo's own custom cars. The game features the  series' best graphics yet, finely tuned for latest generation graphics  cards, yet not forgetting simpler machines. With the online in-game  ladder, players can customize their cars and avatars and race in their  nation's colours on the world's servers.

CTRacer Online is an online racing game that will surely create a breed of racing fans among gamers of all ages. The game features an extensive list of unique racing cars which players can customize its appearance as well as modify its performance

Come On Baby is a 3D Cartoony Racing MMO that plays similarly to Mario Kart. Play as one of six babies in multiple vehicles with various items, game modes, and stages. Most of the stage designs are surprisingly well done and the simple game play makes Come On Baby a must-play casual party game.Racing Star: Come On BabyRayCity is a free-to-play online racing MMORPG, (Massively Multiplayer Role Playing Online Game) very popular with casual gamers, car enthusiasts and fans of racing games.RayCityHovorun is an action-packed racing game which you can play online with 8 players simultaneously. Tear up the track in small but fast hovercrafts. Team up with your friends, race and win!Hovorun

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Massively multiplayer online racing (MMOR) is an online gaming genre that allow you to race other players around the world. You can find simulation racing games, arcade, kart racing games, combat based racing, running racing games, and much more. In this list you will find the best free to play Racing MMO games to download.

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