Football Superstars is the world's first football MMO. Combining elements of football game play, management and a lifestyle created with socialising in mind, Football Superstars perfectly delivers a totally new concept.Football Superstars

Fantasy Tennis is a 3D anime inspired Tennis MMO. Simple controls and plenty of game modes make Fantasy Tennis the PC equivalent of Mario Tennis. With bonus features including tournaments, house decoration, pets, emblems to collect, and a lengthly single player, there is plenty here to keep players entertained.

Fantasy Tennis
Project Powder is an innovative fast paced 3D racer Snowboarding MMO with multiple game options. Unlike most racing games, a large portion of the game relies entirely on skill rather than game items and luck. Perform tricks while racing in order to fill up your boost; the more advanced tricks you do, the more your boost meter fills. Whether you race and battle against friends online or complete the game’s huge list of single player challenges, Project Powder is a blast. Project Powder

FreeStyle Street Basketball is a fact-paced MMO basketball game where players meet from around the country to challenge each other on the court.Street Basketball
Empire of Sports is a free of charge MMO game, the first universe entirely dedicated to sports in which you only challenge real people. The player will control a single character and enter an array of sports, ranging from tennis to ski, football, basketball and others. Some will be available from the start, with others being added post-launch.Empire of Sports
Albatross18 is a 3-D cartoony Golfing MMO with beautiful courses and fun game modes. The game is set in the beautiful backdrop of a fantasy world where reality stops and magic abounds. This magical world puts an exciting new twist on golf, introducing swords, magic, airships, and a cast of cool and crazy characters, caddies, and mascots. Meet up for a quick match, join a tournament, play together in the child-friendly Family Mode, or just run around and trade with online buddies in the PSquare!Pangya

Shot-Online is a massively multiplayer online golf game produced by OnNet Entertainment. Introduced in 2004, Shot-Online combines the features of a traditional PC golf game with the virtual world and interactivity of a MMORPG. The game is free to download and requires no subscription fees, but you have the option to purchase a variety of usable game items from the game's website. On regular occasions Shot-Online runs tournaments which involve worldwide competition for game items, game currency and/or real cash.Shot Online
MLB Dugout Heroes is the first fully licensed and online-based PC baseball game in North America, featuring all Major League Baseball players and stadiums from the past and present. In addition to the MLB-licensed game features, the game has many unique gameplay attractions. It's unique and realistic leveling system allows players to grow stronger and better as they continue through the game. In addition, special points are given to players as they complete baseball missions (quests) given daily or weekly, and these points can be used to purchase new players, uniforms, items, and more!MLB Dugout Heroes

Beach Volleyball Online is an exquisite 3D world set in a lush  beach side environment. The world incorporates a friendly community with  numerous areas to explore combined with the intense competition and  tactics of Beach Volleyball.

Beach Volleyball Online

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A massively multiplayer online sports game is a title where players around the world can compete in some sports, such as football (soccer), tennis, basketball, baseball, hockey, golf or American football. In this list you will find the best free to play MMO sports games.

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