Xivio is a FREE 3D Virtual Worls and Social Network for kids! Create your own Avatar, chat, collect rare items, get an apartment, invite friends! All fun, safe, and free!

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Xivio Overview and Features:

  • 3D Virtual World Chat

Yes, Xivio is really 3D! What does that mean? Well you've heard it before on other web sites many times. But did you know that there is such a thing as fake 3D? Yes, you can fake 3D by making 2D graphics look 3D. But not at Xivio. We've worked very hard to bring you a true 3D program in Flash that everyone could play! We knew that we wanted 3D but we also loved Flash because everyone uses it. The problem was Flash didn't support 3D rendering.

So the developers at Xivio put their heads together and worked days and many sleepless nights to design what is now called the Xivio 3D Engine. Smoother animations, unlimited movements and positions, cool effects that we could only do in 3D are made possible with our custom built rendering code.

"We were called crazy at first for trying it. But we did and we're really happy we made that risky decision over two and a half years ago."

  • Video/Audio Chat

Video Conferencing got you down on your buggy IM clients? Try Xivio Conferencing. It's totally FREE, and VERY easy to use. And at Xivio we care about your safety. Coming up with innovative solutions -- We like to think it's what we're best at here. like letting our members take control of their safety with a voting system.

It just makes sense for members to watch out for each other. There are many more of you out there than us, your help keeps Xivio a really safe place to hangout and still get to play with the cool toys like video. ^_^

  • Hompy

Hompy... Hompy Hompy Hompy....

It sounds funny when you say it out loud doesn't it? LOL. But it's catchy that's for sure. Hompy stands for Home Page. It's your page on the 'net that gives you the power to publish any digital media, easily and in one place! Maybe you're bored and found a really funny video you just need to share with friends, or maybe you heard this song and it sounded like something you knew your friends would wanna hear. The Xivio Hompy lets you bring all sorts of media together in an easy to use page. Who needs a big video site, or online radio station? Make your own! It's easy with your Hompy.

Hompy Hompy Hompy... Ok i'm done. LOL ^_^

  • Picture Uploads

Glamorous? You know you are. Show all of them and let them know it too. Or of course you could just show your friends, and NOT everyone else, with the help of Hompy security settings. This way you know there's not some like weird person staring at ur pics, 'cause you're in control and only you pick who gets to view your pics.

  • Video Uploads

Tired of the big video upload sites and getting lost in the mix? Get your own video site! Upload most popular video formats (just like you do with those other guys) and post your video in one spot, for your friends to see. And of course you are in control of who gets to peek.

  • MP3 Player/Storage

Okay, so just imagine it's 30 minutes before the bell rings and you're sitting in your 3rd period Computer Tech class. You finished your work and you're totally bored. You could:

A. Pull out your ipod and pop in those white lil ear buds..

B. Go to Xivio.com and listen to your Media Player with all your uploaded songs. You could use the PC's headphones too.

Now which one of those looks less suspect? Lol.

If you go with A, i hope you're wearing a hooded jacket or have some super-massive fro to cover those things.
  • MP3 Group Streaming

This feature is really great. Just imagine inviting your Xivio friends over to your virtual place for a party. Pop in your REAL MP3 music and have everyone hearing it along with you live. You're the DJ this time.

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