Dragon Sky is a martial arts MMORPG. Set in ancient China, the Soul of the Dragon face off against the Heart of the Tiger. These two factions fight against each other in a constant battle for supremacy.
Dragon Sky is a modern, fast-paced action game with a ton of features including crafting, bounty hunting, massive PvP battles, guild commitments, and more. Be immersed in a fantastic world with some of the most beatiful environments seen in an MMO as you adventure through an evolving story.

Open Beta
Official Site: http://dragonsky.aeriagames.com/
  • Duel System
  • - Test your skills and strength against other players, or settle a score in a duel. Defeat opponents to increase your Honor Score.
  • Evolving Story Quests
  • - Accomplish the many quests in DragonSky to prove that you are a mighty warrior. Evolving Storyline that changes and develops as you level up and become a stronger fighter.
  • Guild Rankings
  • - Battle for guild supremacy in the organized Guild Vs. Guild battles. The battles are designed to test the teamwork , skill and strategy of your guild against that of another.
  • Auction House
  • - Auction Houses serve as a trading center for buying and selling goods to other players. Sellers can post up items for sale in the auction house. And buyers can search the auction house for items and weapons and bid on them.
  • Crafting
  • - Gather resources, find lost instructions, and put together your very own equipment.
  • Many more!
  • - Have a look around our game guide pages to explore all the features in DragonSky
ReviewNobody ever expects a great free MMO, we all wait for it but we know it’s not going to happen. So in the mean time we all look for a good one so that we might deem it great at least for a while, and so we come to Dragon Sky, produced by Sonov and published by Aeria Games and Entertainment.
Dragon Sky is a great free martial arts MMO that decided to take action and PvP to a whole different level. The game greets you with a pleasant login and character creation screen that promise a lot. I say pleasant because while the graphics are beautiful and colorful they don’t necessarily leave you gasping for air. Read More»
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System RequirementsMinimum Requirements:

OS Windows (R) XP/2000 (Windows Vista not officially supported. Operation on 64bit edition not guaranteed)
CPU Pentium III 800mhz
Memory 512mb
Hard Drive 3 Gb free hard-drive space
Video GeForce FX 5200 or Radeon 7600 64mb
Direct X DirectX 9.0c Compatible sound card
Network Broadband Internet Connnection Broadband Internet Connnection

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