CTRacer Online, developed by Mobile Planet and will be publish by Gamenetwrorks, is one of the newest casual racing game ever for global market.
As one of the newest casual game for global market, CT Racer Online is an online racing game that will surely create a breed of racing fans among gamers of all ages. The game features an extensive list of unique racing cars which players can customize its appearance as well as modify its performance; colorful cars with different characteristics; and fun, challenging race tracks where players can master and compete with other drivers in every lap after lap.
Status: Final
Official Site: http://ctr.gamenetworks.com
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CTRacer Overview and Features:

Realistic Racing Simulation
• Realistic environment imitating real life cities around the world
• Realistic balancing equipped car function and tuning system
• Physical engine with a balance of tuning system for realistic speed simulation
• Self developed open GL-based engine

• Introduces the concept of online community to video racing
• Mutual transactions and online community features like chat within the client
RPG Feature
• City Racer is unlike any driving game you'll ever play.
• Part role-playing game, and part racing game
• City Racer will keep your pedal to the metal in a huge variety of quests

Open Ended
• In City Racer, there is no set path to follow; you can choose to follow the main story,
complete side missions, race in the Battle Zone, or just drive around and explore
the world of City Racer.

Tuning System
• Tuning system similar to real life vehicles
• City Racer offers a sleek, immersive interface for navigation and tuning.
• Need to buy some new parts for your car? Drive to the Parts Shop and easily drag the parts over!

Game Highlights and Features

Main Battle
• Basic game mode. Classic race with all the options

Sub Battle
• Championship: Play through all the tracks in a set order. This is the only game mode you can unlock tracks in
• Time Attack: Get the best time possible on a track
• Chase: Play as the hunter (police car) or hunted (chosen car). Try not to get busted.
• Bet Race: Race against an opponent to win or lose a large number of prestige points.
• Drift Race: Race against opponent while trying to get the perfect drift is not an easy task.

Drifting separates racers from drivers!

Ranking System
• Set records and raise your Rank among other players.

Multiple Camera Modes
• The game’s multiple camera modes also adds a lot of functionality and additional layers of game play to this already exciting game.

Manual Transmission
• Another interesting part of City Racer is the fact that you can actually configure your car to use manual transmission, which adds an entirely new challenge to the game. Automatic transmission is of course easier, but if used properly, Manual Transmission can actually give you better speed and acceleration. The game also feels very functional and responsive. Game play is smooth and requires a lot of skill, as if you fall behind, you can’t rely on items to help you. The better player will win.

Damage Penalty System
• When hit, it lowers a car's grip and handling

• Where are the racers separated from the drivers? In the turns. Simple controls make City Racer easy to learn, but its sensitive drifting system keeps players training to master all the sharp corners.

• Allots pages for respective guilds or links to existing pages with connection to the Web
• Provides easy searching functions for beginners to look for guilds to match their tastes
• Provides particular emblems and realms for each guild

Item Shop
• Power up, Dress up, Driving up, Equipment, Accessory, and Special shop
• Item transfer and sales are possible in the Community cafes

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CTRacer System Requirements

Minimum Requirements:
CPU: Pentium IV Family Series
RAM: 512MB
Graphic: Below Geforce 7600GT, ATI Radeon HD
Sound: any 3D Sound Card
O/S: Windows 98SE, ME, 2000, XP / Direct X 8.1

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