Hello Kitty and friends are going online in a massive multiplayer game. Create your avatar, travel to exotic destinations and interact with Hello Kitty, Badtz-Maru and others. Let’s speak to the executive producer.

FreeMMOGamer: Can you introduce yourself and your role in Hello Kitty Online?

I am Grant Wei; I am executive producer at Aeria Games and am responsible for the North American launch and continued services of Hello Kitty Online.

FreeMMOGamer: What is Hello Kitty Online, and how will it stand apart from other MMORPGs?

Hello Kitty Online is a casual online game prominently featuring Hello Kitty and her Sanrio friends. The game has all the features of regular MMORPGs but takes the player in a very different direction. Although loot and leveling are part of the game, there is no pressure to level up or compete for the next uber loot; the game is about having fun and interacting with friends.

FreeMMOGamer: Is Hello Kitty Online trying to appeal to the younger players only, or is there something for the older crowd?

Hello Kitty Online appeals to anyone who enjoys a relaxed entertainment experience and anyone who enjoys “hanging out” with friends. Hello Kitty Online also appeals to Hello Kitty fans and these fans can be of all different age groups as indicated by our research.

FreeMMOGamer: Players can have their own pets. How many are there and what are their specific purposes?

There are lots of pets; and we will keep adding pets throughout in content updates as well. Players can also breed pets to get new ones!

FreeMMOGamer: I suppose the focus of Hello Kitty Online isn’t on fighting. But how big a part does this play on leveling up?

Fighting is not a focus and is not required for leveling up. Players do need to tame wild creatures from time to time.

FreeMMOGamer: What about community features? What tools are you providing players with?

Players can email each other directly from within the game to any other email address. Players can share blogs and videos with each other within the game; they can also create videos with simple editing tools. HKO will also feature guilds, houses and character profile pages.

FreeMMOGamer: How is the closed beta going?

We are starting Closed Beta soon, we will keep you updated!

FreeMMOGamer: Is there a release date for the U.S. yet?


FreeMMOGamer: Any other things you would like to say to our readers?

Hello Kitty is looking forward to seeing everyone in her Online game!

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