K.O.S. - Secret Operations K.O.S. Secret Operations, is a 3D tactical MMO shooter published by DontBlynk. With its unique character options and top notch interface, K.O.S manages to set itself apart in a crowded genre. Although the game doesn’t revolutionize the MMOFPS genre, it’s still one of the most polished and enjoyable MMOFPS games out there.
The game comes bundled with Xfire!!, enabling players to easily communicate with each other via voice chat during game play, along with other unique features such as live stream video, one click screen capture, and community page access.

Status: Open Beta
Official Site: http://kos.dontblynk.com/
K.O.S – Secret Operations is a free-to-play multiplayer online first person shooter (FPS) for your PC. Some of its key features:

• Play online with your friends from around the world -- for free
• 4 different game modes
• Grow your gunner through leveling and special abilities
• System requirements are fairly low, allowing virtually any PC to play
• Confident in your skills? Enter Pro Mode and put your (in-game) money where your mouth is!
• Compare yourself to all players through our individual and clan ranking system
• Need more players on your side? Draft some KOSbots, the latest in AI infantry
• Secret documents can be found in-game, which can be traded for special items

The year is 2010. Kim Jong-Il, the Chairman of the National Defense Commission of North Korea, has just been reported as missing. Rumors of defection, kidnapping, even assassination begin to spread across the newswires. Having recently received financial aid from 6 other nations in exchange for the non-proliferation of nuclear weapons, his disappearance has immediate global security and economic significance.
The recent disarmament of North Korea had been the lynchpin to any sort of stability in the East, and many parts of the West. But now North Korea, fearing their Chairman has been captured by some sort of covert military operation, mobilizes their defenses and reopens nuclear facilities. Following suit, all nations within missile range of North Korea leap to action, securing borders and deploying forces.

Sanctions are enacted on North Korea by all countries except South Korea and China, putting a stranglehold on the North's resources. The escalation has begun.

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System Requirements
Minimum Requirements:
OS: Windows XP / Vista
CPU: Intel Pentium III 800 MHz
RAM: 512 MB
HDD: 1.5 GB free
Graphics Card: GeForce4 MX
DirectX: 9.0c

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