RayCity is a free-to-play online racing MMORPG, (Massively Multiplayer Role Playing Online Game) very popular with casual gamers, car enthusiasts and fans of racing games. Step on the gears and hit the streets, feel an adrenaline rush as you race through the super-realistic urban jungles! Experience the thrill of whizzing at high speed in super fast cars while you nail quests and missions to unlock new areas and options. Level up to gain the use of improved performance parts to boost your racing thrills in RayCity! Live the dream of creating your very own fantasy car by customizing the body parts, paint kits and decorative items. Grab the opportunity to own a racing club! It’s a whole lot of fun one can experience and won’t want to miss!

Open Beta
Official Site: http://raycity.playpark.net/

Quests and Missions

Feel the rush as you race through hundreds of quests & missions at neck-breaking speed. Complete and gain experience to unlock new cars & map areas. Acquire new skills and items in order to unleash the full potential of your car to stay a step ahead of competition!

Each of these missions requires a different quest or condition given by the individual passenger that players need to fulfill. To receive the handsome reward of items and experience points, racers will need to pass through stipulated courses before reaching the final destination.

Photo-taking Missions

Speed through the city in search of the zones to capture picturesque shots of the city. With an easy-to-manipulate camera function, now it is easy to find the perfect angle for that perfect shot (while driving).

Chase&Road Rage Missions

Feel the exhilaration and rush of blood that only comes from revving up the engines to knock down the targeted car, rendering it to nothing more than scrap metal. This mission will only end when the Health Points (HP) of the targeted car is reduced to zero!

Party Missions

Never feel lonely racing through the streets! This mission allows your buddies and you to party and accomplish missions together for great rewards. There are a total of 3 missions, namely Party Delivery, Party Chase and Party Elite.

In the 'Party Delivery' mission, close co-operation between party members is essential to deliver the goods to the Non-Playing Character (NPC) on time. 'Party Chase' requires party members to successfully hunt down a targeted car together while 'Party Elite' involves sending of a sick NPC to a destination safely.

Guild/Club System

Have you ever dream of owning a racing club? Now in RayCity, you can organize your own club and race with rival clubs to gain control of as many turfs as possible! Expand the Club through special bingo cards and set your goal on taking over the entire RayCity map.

Guilds or Clubs that control a particular territory will be able to receive taxes, rare items and other benefits from the previous controllers.

Race Skills

Level up and improve your car’s performance by learning new skills to maneuver the car like a pro racer.

Drifting, power boosting, jumping, sliding, burn out start and sudden stop are some of the skills that will be available as you work your way up the levels.

Car Customizations

Choose your favorite model from a vast array of cars to aid you in wrestling control of turfs controlled by others. Acquire items, modify car body parts, and optimize the engine in order to get the driving power to conquer every corner of the map.

Body parts can be purchased using cash or earned through special quests. Work on your exterior look with decals, paints, rims and accessories to outshine your rivals. Dazzle the eyes of on-lookers with your flashy cars as you whizz down the roads.

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System Requirements
Minimum Requirements:
OS: Windows XP / Vista / 7
CPU: Intel Pentium 4 1.8 Ghz / AMD 1800+
RAM: 512 MB
HDD: 3.0 GB
Graphics Card: nVidia GeForce 5200 /ATI Radeon 9600

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