Project BlackoutSG Interactive, a publisher of high-quality online games, today announced the first title it will be bringing to the U.S. under its new brand, free-to-play online FPS Project Blackout. An action-packed shooter that pits players against players in a wide variety of game modes, Project Blackout is expected to go into Open Beta in December 2010.

Project Blackout tasks players with joining one of the two factions trying to control the country of Korogese. After rising to become a global power at a meteoric rate, the massive corporations responsible for the country’s success now seek to control the government and deprive the population of the right to bear arms. Aegis Inc., a powerful, highly trained, para-military group was formed by the corporations in order to create this utopian society. From the groups of civilian rebels arose the Corps, a skilled militia that holds to their rights as citizens and the upholders of the original Korogesian government. Players must take on the role of either an Aegis utopian or a civilian rebel as the struggle reaches a boiling point. Which side will stand victorious after the smoke clears? Only time will tell.

Project Blackout features include:
• An Extensive Arsenal: Combatants have access to a diverse array of weapons they can use to crush their opponents.
• Accessories with Real Impact: Real-world military items like bulletproof helmets offer in-game advantages and unique looks.
• Customizable Characters: Players have the ability to customize four base characters, two male and two female, available for each faction.
• Five Ways to Fight: Unique gameplay modes include Deathmatch, Explosion, Destroy, Annihilation, and Challenge.

For more information about Project Blackout, visit the teaser site at:

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