The saga for Skysaga: Infinite Worlds might not have had a happy ending, but the same isn’t quite true for its developer, Radiant Worlds. Though their original publisher, SmileGate, cut them loose, the developer seems to have landed on their feet.

Rebellion (developers of Sniper Elite and once upon a time Alien Vs. Predator) has picked up Radiant Worlds and is putting them to work, presumably with pay, which is far more than the developer had mere months ago. Their project is evidently the 4-person co-op adventure game, Strange Brigade. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem as though Strange Brigade will be free-to-play, but considering that Radiant Worlds is still a developer comprised of the people that – at one point – were hard at work on Skysaga, there’s always the possibility that that game might one day be revived.

In the mean time, things will continue to be Strange (Brigade) for Radiant Worlds.

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