It’s that time again, the time for another Hearthstone meta shakeup. If you’ve grown tired of hearing Patches the Pirate proclaim every game that he’s in charge now, then you’ll be happy to hear that he’s being demoted.

The four cards seeing nerfs include good old Patches, Bonemare, Raza the Chained, and Corridor Creeper. That last one was absolutely gutted.

Corridor Creeper went from having 5 damage to only 2.

Patches no longer has charge.

Razor now makes your hero power cost 1 rather than 0.

And Bonemare now costs 8 mana, over 7.

As said, Corridor Creeper was absolutely gutted, but the other nerfs aren’t too bad. The other cards should still see play.

To check out the nerfs, as well as developer reasoning behind them, head over to the official site.

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