Once upon a time, the Path of Exile was really just that, a short little path down a winding journey of exile, but here we are almost six years later, and that path has evolved into what’s basically a highway of exile, and the next exit is just around the corner. Grinding Gear Games isn’t saying much yet, but expect a reveal on or about August 20th, and then a release in early September, and then in November, it’s time for ExileCon all the way in New Zealand.

Right now, the developers have released only the bare minimum of details:

“Around August 20th PDT, we’re planning to announce our 3.8.0 expansion! The broad scope of this release is a new challenge league (whose name is not on the list, but should be), various improvements to older master content (things like making Sulphite and Betrayal state shared between all your characters in the league), some systems changes we’re not yet ready to hint at (which should improve some areas that the community have given us vocal feedback on (not trade)) and all the usual new items, archetypes, gems and so on that you expect from a Path of Exile expansion.”

Stay tuned in about 3 weeks for more.

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