A few days ago, Trion told Rift players that they’d be looking at feedback concerning a controversial item, Collected Intel Packs. As it turns out, that feedback extended to another controversial item in the store, a $100 Mount Chest that was added in yesterday’s patch. When opened, this chest would give the player a random mount.

The downside here, and the reason players were angry, is that despite there being some pretty cool mounts in this chest, most of them had a value of, at most, $40. It took only a day for Trion to pull the chest from the store.

They had this to say:

The Orphiel’s Mount Crate has been removed from the RIFT store – we listened to feedback, met internally to discuss and decided to pull it.

There are a TON of other great things going on for Fae Yule though, and folks seem to be enjoying them. =)

I can’t speak for all the game design requests in this thread, other than to say that RIFT Dev is constantly evaluating and reviewing projects. We’re all working toward getting things wrapped up before the holiday break (Trion kindly gives us the days off between Christmas and New Year’s), so I wouldn’t expect a whole lot of new communication until January.

Head on over to the forum post for the announcement as well as feedback to their response to player feedback.

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