Hyper Universe is set to leave paid early access and become a truly free-to-play game in but a few weeks – in mid January.

The game’s producer, Hyun K, has published a letter to the community detailing the game’s plans for its free-to-play monetization. He puts it simply: “pay for bling.” It’s important that Hyper Universe be a truly free-to-play game as a means of removing barriers to entry for players. So selling anything but cosmetic items would defeat that purpose. They also intend for most cosmetic purchases to fall within the $6 and $13 range, with most landing at $10.

Also expect bundles that feature Hypers (heroes), skins, slots, and emotes. That’s about all that you can expect to pay with real money. There will be no loot box exclusive items, no cash equips, and nothing that will give a player an advantage.

Hypers themselves can be earned for 15k GP, which is earned through the crafting system, or purchased for a flat $5, but they also want all players to be on equal footing when they start. So as you level from 1 to 5, there will be 4 free Hypers (Allen, Athena, Celine, and Sun Wukong). Make it to level 6, and you earn 30k GP, allowing you to buy 2 more Hypers. Then at 8 and 10, you get a coupon that allows you to unlock another Hyper. Then by this point, you’ll probably have earned enough GP to buy at least 1 more Hyper.

You can read more about the monetization plans in the letter itself.

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