In their latest act in their plan to gradually take over the gaming industry as we know it (as some people would have you believe), Epic Game is offering up World of Goo for free for the next two weeks.

Of course, Epic isn’t doing anything that any capitalist company with this much revenue wouldn’t do, so it’s hard to fault them too much. Except for the actual state of the Epic Store. You can fault them for that, definitely. But snatching up exclusives to put on it, not so much.

For the unfamiliar, World of Goo is a game that actually came out about 11 years ago. It was remastered recently, so that gives returning players something fresh to stare at, and let’s not forget that is probably a large portion of the Fortnite community that wasn’t born when the game came out. So clearly they’re in for a goo(d) time. I’ll show myself out.

Just open up the Epic Launcher to snag the game, or visit the site.

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