Well, Aion’s 5.3 update isn’t coming out tomorrow, after all. As it turns out, an unforeseen issue caused the update to be pushed back a week until March 15th.

As NCsoft Puts it:

During QA testing, we found a critical issue with the new Atreian Passport. Specifically, the issue is with the function that sends all unclaimed Passport rewards to your player inbox. This means that any player with unclaimed rewards could lose out on some or all of their items without an easy means of getting them back. In order to allow time for a fix to be properly developed and tested, we’re making the difficult but necessary decision to postpone the Aion 5.3 launch until March 15.

In other words, NCSoft doesn’t want to risk any players losing their stuff, which seems like a fair reason for a delay. People love stuff.

You can read the full announcement here.

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