Now that’s a flashy title. For those who haven’t been following what I like to call the “Loot Box Saga,” a few months back, Belgium declared that loot boxes were gambling, and that if games wanted to sell loot boxes to Belgian gamers, then they’d have to apply for a gambling license first, or simply remove the boxes.

This has led to a slow trickle of developers removing the loot boxes for anyone connecting to their games from Belgium. Just recently, Blizzard announced that they’d be preventing the sales of loot boxes in Heroes of the Storm for Belgians.

EA, however, is hearing none of this. They’ve refused to remove loot boxes from FIFA 18 and 19, stating that they’re in no way gambling, and will be taking Belgium to court to prove it.

This isn’t too surprising, seeing as FIFA tends to be pretty big in Europe, and if this Belgium thing takes on, then other European countries may follow suit. So it makes sense for EA to be trying to nip in the bud, so to speak.

PCGamesN has the full story.

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