Aion’s 5.6 update is right around the corner. Dubbed Omens of Ice, the patch will bring to the game new instances, PvP arenas, and minions. And if you dive into it soon enough, you can nab some free loot.

The patch will arrive July 19th, in two short days. Expect three full instances, a 6v6 PvP arena, as well as a PvPvE area that supports up to 96 players on each side, and the size of the area will grow, or shrink, depending on the size.

Then there are the new minions. Cute, adorable minions. They can be upgraded and will assist you in battle, or fetch items for you. The patch also has a bevy of quality of life improvements, including better and simpler enchanting, revamped item tooltips, and visual updates to starter areas.

And if you register, you get a nice bundle that includes a Mystic Academy Hat and Costume, five Berdin’s Lucky Stars, and a Seven-Day Administrator’s Boon.

To learn more about the patch, check out the patch notes.

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