For those looking to get a taste of SoulWorker, from Lion Games and Gameforge, prior to its upcoming launch, the open beta is now live on Steam.

Open or not, the game’s still in beta. The developers will be focusing their sights on balance and general server stability. There’s a chance that any progress made during this open beta may carry through to launch, but Lion Games has also said that there may come a need to do a wipe.

But to help entice players to check out the game, there will be a set of rewards given to who participate in the beta :

  • 1x Exclusive open beta title: ‘Active Beta Tester’ (in-game character title)
  • 1x Darling Outfit (for the character of your choice)
  • 1x Hellanko Akasha Card (rare version of the normal Hellanko card)
  • 10x Bonus Keycard
  • 3x Power Vitamin
  • 5x Respawner

Head on over to Steam to give the game a look.

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