Remember APB? The game that came out in 2010, died a quick death, and was then yanked out of the nether and resurrected.

It’s finally getting a PS4 release.

APB originally came out in 2010, but by the end of the year, it was already shuttered. It rereleased a short time later as APB: Reloaded, and then nearly six years later, it came out on Xbox One in 2016. Now, it’s soft launched on PS4.

Soft launched? That’s basically a fancy way of saying that they don’t have much intention to trumpet its release for now. Anyone who does play during this quiet period will be granted some free stuff, and if you play at leat 10 hours, you’ll get a special “founder” title.

After the PS4 release wraps up, the team will get back to upgrading the PC version’s engine to make it look even spiffier. You can read the full announcement here.

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