A game that no one really even knew about until a week ago has now reached 2 million concurrent players, and more than 25 million people have played the game. That game? Apex Legends of course.

Respawn evidently knows how to bring the thunder. Instead of announcing the game prior to its release, the studio instead chose to stealth drop Apex legends out of seemingly nowhere. Because of this, there was no marketing campaign to temper expectations one way the other. Apex Legends was able to avoid the ire of Titanfall fans that Titanfall 3 wasn’t quite happening yet, and the beloved studio that would be making it instead chose to make yet another battle royale. Of course, those people aren’t too happy, still, but there are, as said, roughly 25 million players who are.

CEO Vince Zampella gave an update today via the game’s official site, sharing his excitement over the game’s success as well as some of what’s in store. There will be a Twitch event the next two Tuesdays, with 48 Apex Legends streamers duking it out. Later this week, a Valentine’s Day event will kick off, bringing some exclusive loot, and in March, Season 1 begins, bringing new Legends, weapons, loot, and more.

Check out Vince’s full statement for more.

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