XLGames announced this week (in Korean) that Archeage would soon (as in early next year) be receiving a new server, Orchidna, that will feature a remastered version of the game.

The definition, in this context, of remastered still remains to be defined. Will it be prettier? Will it play better? Will it suddenly be a sci-fi cyberpunk game? We don’t know, and XLGames isn’t being too specific with the details. Although, making the game suddenly sci-fi wouldn’t be a mere remaster. So that’s probably unlikely. Any major graphical overhaul would require a pretty hefty patch, but that’s not out of the question, either. But they do say that it’s based on maintaining the game for five years, so more of a systems remaster seems most likely.

Guess we’ll see soon enough.

MMOCulture originally broke the story.

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