It’s a rough week for ArenaNet, who are best known as the developers behind Guild Wars and Guild Wars 2. Due to declining revenue, their publisher, NCSoft, has been forced to make cuts. Word on the street is that roughly 25% of ArenaNet’s 400 employees will be losing their jobs.

The developer has said that Guild Wars and Guild Wars 2 live services won’t be affected, which basically amounts to “we won’t be shutting down the game,” but perhaps that doesn’t bode well for future content to the game.

Still, even if they shed 25% of their workforce, that still leaves them with roughly 300 employees. A lot of those people were evidently working on unannounced projects, which have now been cancelled. Unfortunately, a lot of GW2 veterans have been either been let go, or are opting to leave the company on their own volition.

In light of this news, ArenaNet has also announced that the WvW mount, Warclaw, has been delayed until March 5th while they figure stuff out.

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