TERA is soon to be invaded by Argons. Fortunately for those living on Arborea, the invasion has a set timeframe and will really only last for about 3 weeks, from August 15th until September 5th. During this time, the Argons will be pillaging the heck out of open-world zones, and players must stand up and do something.

The Argons are targeting high-level zones and will be hitting them roughly twice a day. Only max level players really stand a chance, but those lower leveled ones out there can certainly try to contribute however they might. To help along these low-leveled adventurers, En Masse is granting double experience for all monsters killed, and they’ll also be granted nifty rewards when hitting certain levels.

You can read more about the Argon event here, or head on over here to read more about the leveling event.



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