Ascent: Infinite Realm (or A:IR as it is cleverly known) made some waves when it was revealed late last year, leading everyone to believe that it would soon be gracing the skies over the free-to-play MMORPG realm sometime in 2018.

But in an interview with GameIndustry, CEO of Kakao Games, Min Kim, says that the game isn’t expected to fully launch until 2019, fully being the keyword here. Most likely, that means that we’ll see some kind of Early Access, or open beta sometime this year, and then the game will be released sometime in 2019.

Though us westerns may have to wait a bit to get our hands on A:IR, there will be a Korean closed beta in the first quarter of this year, and if history is any indication, then there will likely be ways to find your way onto those servers for any industrious players. In the meantime, expect plenty of game information to come out over the next few months.

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