Trion Worlds is one of the premier developers of MMO’s today. They boast titles under their belt like ArcheAge, Defiance, Rift, and Trove. These games were joined recently, however, with the studio’s newest title, Atlas Reactor.

Atlas Reactor is a turn-based team MMO where players fight it out during simultaneous turns. The game was originally announced with a $20 price tag for all of the features. While this price still stands, Trion Worlds announced that along with it will come a free-to-play option for players to enjoy the core game without having to pay the price for all of the features. This is huge news for anyone interested in trying the title, but might be on the fence about the game, universe, or playstyle itself, as well as anyone held back from playing the game by its original cost.

As many other free to play options have done, players not keen on paying just yet will be able to experience the game itself, but lose many features a paid player will have. This list includes access to custom games and tournament game options, as well as more ability to open cosmetic loot within the game. Free players will be able to accrue the loot containers all the same, but opening them will be limited. Despite these limitations, this is a great announcement for the players, and show just why Trion Worlds is such a premier video game developer.

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