Up until recently, Atlas Reactor was an odd duck that couldn’t decide whether or not it wanted to be free-to-play.

For a while, it was free, but when it came out, it had a price tag with a highly limited free mode. Atlas Reactor just couldn’t make up its mind.

Well as it turns out, it did, and the final answer – which should surprise no one – is free-to-play. When the upcoming season 2 patch lands on January 17th, Atlas Reactor will go from sorta-free-to-play to entirely free-to-play. From that point forward, all freelances will be able to be earned through in-game methods, however exorbitant.

After Jan 17th, you can still pay a nominal fee (starting at 29.99) in order to unlock all of the game’s freelancers, and anyone who bought-in prior to the game’s freeification will get some sort of thank-you package.

You can read the full letter from the producer over here.

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