Trion’s latest endeavor, Atlas Reactor, has come online and is now doing the things that reactors do, all for free (unless you want to shell up some cash for a launch pack with some perks).

The launch hasn’t come without some new stuff and celebratory shenanigans. There’s a new playable character – Juno – and a new map – The Omni Core.

A little further down the line, starting October 18th, there will be a Halloween event, and sometime after that – on a date still to be determined – the first ever competitive season will commence. The rest of the year won’t be without mirth and joy, either. Expect even more playable characters, maps, skins, and a holiday event dubbed “Trust Wars.”

And to bring in the launch, Trion is offering up all launch packs at 10% off.

For all this and more, check out the game’s main site.

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