Atlas Reactor left Early Access in October of last year, and thought it was “free” to play at the time, that label came with some pretty stringent limitations, and in order to get the most of the game game, you had to pay up.

This week, though, publisher Trion has loosened those binds and now Atlas Reactor is legitimately free to play (as legitimate as any free-to-play game is.)

Now, all the freelancers in the game can be earned through in-game methods, or you can still pay at least $30 to unlock them all if you so choose. Moreover, players earn a stacking experience buff for the amount of heroes they own, gaining 100% additional experience once they’ve unlocked 100% of the heroes.

Anyone who’d previously bought one of the game’s packages receives a nice collection of stuff as a thank you.

In addition to going “fully” free-to-play, the Season 2 update also includes a new freelancer, Brynn, the Skywarden.

You can get a taste of the full patch notes over on the official forums.

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