Today, Hi-Rez announced a new mode for Paladins, Battlegrounds. Yes, that battlegrounds. The new game mode will launch into beta sometime this year, pitting 100 players up against each other in an ever-dwindling map. Only one can survive. The large map has plenty of outposts and places for you to duke it out with enemy players. Zeppelins will also drop legendary items over players.

This news comes out of Hi-Rez expo, so while it’s certainly the most tantalizing, it’s not all there is. There will also be a Team Deathmatch mode added to the game, tasking one team with reaching 40 kills first. That mode will also feature a new map, Trade District. Hi-Rez also announced a new hero, Moji, and a new mount, the Battlecat.

While we know what’s coming, we quite know when, or any firm specifics.

You can check out a full overview of what went on at Hi-Rez expo on the official site.

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