Today brings two major new additions to Battlerite: a new champion, Ulric, The Unwavering Light, who is without a doubt a paladin, and the Easter event, Bakko’s Egg Brawl.

Ulric is most definitely a paladin. With abilities like Hammer of Justice, Holy Light, and Radiant Shield, there’s no way to argue. Once you’re purchased him for either 900 gems or 5800 battle coins, you’re able to go a step further by spending another 950 gems. That will get you a legendary outfit, three Ulric chests, and a seven-ay booster.

Bakko’s Egg Brawl tasks players¬† with searching the arena for magical eggs, which you then throw at enemy players. Best part? Everyone is dressed in a chicken shoot. Win 15 rounds to get a special Golden Rooster chest.

Check out the patch notes here.

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