2K Games announced recently that Battleborn would be shut down later rather than sooner. How much later? Well, January 2021, to be exact. Granted, the game hasn’t received any content for a while (over two years at this point), but the game was sticking around in a free-to-play form. But it does appear that some things in life just aren’t that sustainable.

Developer Gearbox gave it their all, but it wasn’t long before they went back to Pandora for Borderlands 3.

The post from 2K definitely says it was posted almost two weeks ago, but the news didn’t really start to circulate until this week, and there’s still no word on the official Battleborn Steam page. But hey, people still have over a year to find this news on their own. Regardless, Battleborn will be going to the Island of Misfit Toys just after Christmas 2021.

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