Battlerite is full steam for a full release. The game will be going fully free-to-play on November 8th, and in the past few weeks, and continuing until that fateful day, Stunlock Studios has been pushing out the content, and update 0.14 is a big one. There’s the new UI, new Battlerite system, and perhaps best of all, there’s a new game mode.

This objective-based mode, coined Battlegrounds. Comprised of two stages, the game mode first asks players to capture, and then after that comes an attack/defense mode. The outcome of the first stage determines who attacks and who defends.

Other updates included in the patch include the aforementioned Battlerite System enhancement, which allows players to choose 5 Battlerites that become available immediately, and two per ability.

The new UI is also in place, offering a fresh take on the game’s menus and such.

And of course, there are balance changes.

Read more about the update via the official patch notes.

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