Few games have undergone the amount of sheer reiteration that Marvel Heroes has, and soon, it’s going to change even more.

Gazillion teased yesterday what they refer to as “biggest systems update in the history of the game.”  Just what does a claim like that mean for the game? Well, the updates will come in four parts: changes to the hero power system, items, omega system, and a personal difficulty slider. Those last three remain to be revealed, but Gazillion did unleash a torrent of details on how the hero power system in Marvel Heroes is going to be changed. And boy is it massive.

Every hero in the game will be updated all at once in one patch. Previously, Gazillion had updated the heroes in the game one, maybe two, at a time. So to suggest that they’ll all be updated – at once – seems to be a herculean task. Power points are being all together removed. Powers will be as powerful as can be right from the get-go. A talent system is being added, allowing players to choose between three different talents every few levels.

A trait system is also being added, which will give heroes a passive buff to something that goes along with the theme of the hero, and will help guide players toward the intended itemization of a hero.

The update seems to be taking inspiration from a lot of places. A talent system similar to this has cropped up in a few games, and has suited those just fine. Even after three years, it’s nice to see that Marvel Heroes is still evolving and changing.

The timeline might change, but expect to see a test server with many (if not all) of the hero power changes in October.

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