Blade & Soul‘s latest update, Eternal Night, is now live, bringing to the game a brand new raid, as well as a Heroic, 6-person dungeon, and more.

In the new 12-person raid, Nightfall Sanctuary–Part 1, players must prevent Chol Mugo from acquiring a power that he’ll never be able to control in the first place.

And the new heroic dungeon, Sandstorm Temple, is a prison with failing wards, and we all know how badly things can go when wards fail. So it’s up to you and your buddies to prevent the horrors within from escaping.

There are also new events running for the next month to help players gear up for that new raid, and in general, there are improvements and changes to the game’s systems and items included in the patch.

Take a look at the patch notes for more.

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