If you’ve ever felt a game place a goal you want to reach just a bit too high and out of reach in proportion, you’ve felt a similar pain to the dedicated players of martial arts based and formerly Korean MMORPG Blade & Soul from NCSoft. For Blade & Soul, its intense combination altered feels like it could never slow down, pivoting from the rotation style of gameplay in favor of a personalized combinations route.

The gameplay did eventually slow down, however, to a significantly slow crawl for many players. This change in pace occurred at a particular goal for players, the achievement of evolving your Silverfrost weapons.

To accomplish this important evolution, Blade & Soul has the player accrue copious amounts of materials as well as gold. As a system, this feels correct and important to maintain, but it seems the recently ported game has had many issues adjusting these numbers correctly.

The playerbase of Blade & Soul have finally gotten the beginnings of their wish to address this process overall, with an announcement directly from NCSoft revealing plans to reduce these numbers heavily, including an initial change of 30% less required materials/gold, as well as a future new path to achieving these aims with even less resources required. This will significantly improve the experience and flow of the game, and players and fans all over should look forward to the continued adjustments to details of the game like this in order to properly balance and create for the best MMORPG experience possible.

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