Boy was that some hyphens. Nevertheless, it’s our duty here to keep you apprised of all things happening in the free-to-play space. Or, in this case, the would-be-but-isn’t free-to-play space.

It would have made sense for Neowiz to to go the free-to-play route with Bless Online, but the developer chose to go the buy-to-play instead for a few reasons. In an interview with MMORPG, the developers had this to say:

After reviewing the pros and cons of the Buy-to-Play, Free-to-Play, and Subscription models, we decided that B2P is the most suitable model for both Neowiz Bless Studio and the players. First, B2P would create a pleasant gaming environment by preventing bots from flooding the servers and disturbing the players. Second, we decided against F2P to prevent us, the developers, from being tempted into P2W. And of course, we also looked at our community’s opinions and requests. We have heard many players’ feedback and concluded that buy to play model is what players want the most!

On top of this, the game will also still have a cash shop that will feature “cosmetic equipments, skins, mounts and pets, consumables and boosts, and more. There will be no ‘loot boxes’ as it were.”

There’s a chance that the game could do poorly and P2W elements could eventually come to the cash shop in an effort to milk more from the whales. But let’s be optimistic!

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