When Hearthstone’s latest expansion, Kobolds and Catacombs, launched last month, an issue prevented some players from receiving daily quests, and thus, limiting their gold income and their ability to buy packs with said gold.

Blizzard put the blame squarely on the popularity of the new game mode, Dungeon Run. Because so many players were cramming themselves into the servers to check out the new mode (which is admittedly pretty awesome) it prevented some players from receiving quests for a few days.

To remedy this, Blizzard said that they’d give players three free card packs in early January, and early January has come. To redeem these packs, just log into B.net from your preferred device, or if you’re just on PC, hop onto the Blizzard Battle Net client and accept the gift there.

Check out the forum post for all the details about the issue.

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