Well, that was far shorter than I would have suspected. After only a few months in early access, QC Games announced this week that the studio would be ceasing operations and that Breach would be winding down. They don’t outright say that the game would be shutting down anytime soon, but considering how early of an Early Access game Breach was, I don’t suppose that matters one way or another.

Shame, really. As a fan of the co-op modes in both Mass Effect and Dragon Age, I saw a lot of potential in what Breach was trying to do. Sure, it was basically like playing a promising proof of concept, but the proof was in the concept. In a year or two, Breach might’ve been something neat. But alas, it must rescind back whence it came.

As of today, purchases have been disabled, but the servers will remain online for the time being for anyone who wants to play the game for the time being. The developers point you toward Steam for a refund if you got it here, but Steam manages them, so chances are after all this time, if you’re someone who spent money on the game during its early days, you probably won’t get a refund from Steam. QC Games also says to contact them for “recent” purchases.

You can read the full FAQ the developers here.

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