In lieu of it likely going free-to-play sometime in 2017, Amazon’s multiplayer arena-battler, currently in closed alpha, can be played this weekend, no access required.

All you really have to do is sign up (through twitch) and hit the download button, and you too can play from now until 10 AM PST on Monday. Why twitch? Well, Amazon bought them, for starters, and for the uninitiated, Breakaway is a game built with a lot of Twitch integration. Perfect for Streamers. (Not the Birthday kind).

The only thing that might hinder your experience is if you’re outside the US. Breakaway’s alpha servers, unfortunately, aren’t. So if you’re trying to log in from across the pond, then don’t be surprised to find a sub-optimal experience.

Yesterday also saw a new patch to the game. Check that out for a full scoop of what’s new or different.

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