Last week saw the announcement of a new MMO set in the Lord of the Rings universe. If your first reaction to that was along the lines of “wait isn’t there already a Lord of the Rings MMO?” And then that devolved into sheer terror at the thought of your favorite game, Lord of the Rings Online, being torn away from you, then don’t worry, friend. That’s not currently the plan.

(But of course plans change, and it’s always good to feel the weight of reality bearing down on you.)

I mean, this wouldn’t be the first instance of the old being taken out back in the wake of the new. Star Wars Galaxies had a lot of issues, but the argument can be made that it’s fate was sealed the moment Star Wars: The Old Republic appeared.

So it’s reasonable to assume that because of this new MMO, the old one might been shut down. Evidently, that’s not the current plan. One intrepid Reddit user emailed Middle-earth Enterprises to get a definitive answer, and he did!

You can read the full exchange here.

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