CCP created a name for themselves with EVE Online back in the day. Then, for a long while, they were working on a World of Darkness MMORPG, but that ended up being cancelled a few years back. Then, recently CCP, closed one studio and sold off another, affecting over 100 employees. So the future of the Icelandic video game developer, seemed to be in flux.

They announced they they’d be shifting focus to PC VR and mobile games, but this holiday season, a job posting revealed that CCP was looking for a Lead Designer for a “new and highly ambitious MMORPG.”

While CCP has skirted around free-to-play with Dust 514, and EVE Online also has a free-to-play mode, so while this new project also being free-to-play isn’t guaranteed, there’s no need to completely rule it out, either. But only time will tell.

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