Play Gwent? Interested in getting your own piece of a $100,000 pie? Well then, look no further than the Gwent Challenger Tournament. About the only catch is that the tournament is only available to closed beta participants.

But as the name implies, you’ll be challenging something or someone. Just who will that be? Why, professional gamers, of course. Trump (the non-presidential one), Lifecoach, ppd, and Noxious. In order to qualify for the tournament, you must work your way up the Gwent leaderboards. The top 256 players from both GMT and PST will then duke it out, becoming 16, and then those 16 will then become 2. Those 4 players (2 from GMT and 2 from PST) will then be flown to Poland to compete in the tournament.

The winner takes 60k, runner up gets 20k, and 3rd and 4th each get 10k. For more information about the tournament, or to sign up, head on over here.

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