With any online game, an underlying aspect to it all is “how good is the community involved with it?”. For some games, communities make huge impressions on players, even rising to the status of the game’s number one complaint overall. This is often the case with MOBA’s, or any game where your team and teamwork are in a major position to decide your fate in the game. Under the stress of the situation and a distinct lack of overall control, many players show their bad sides in these environments, severely effecting the gameplay experience for those around themselves.

Game developer/publishing extraordinaire Wargaming has noted its effects on the playerbase across its many different games, most notably including the juggernaut team-based shooter, World of Tanks. In response to the toxic behaviors Wargaming found, they’ve created a new policy, which allows for punishing negative behaviors with effects that stick (like account strikes eventually resulting in account bans), and rewards for¬†players behaving positively (including in-game items and consumables.)

This crack down is set to come on the back of a wipe of previous behavior strikes, all except for bans. This clearing of strikes will allow for players to start under the new feedback system with a clean slate. If you find yourself with a few more strikes than you should have when playing, this would be a good time to start trying your best to be on top of behavior, the rewards are strong, the punishments are stronger.

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