Okay, maybe there aren’t really seven skies, maybe it’s really just one big one, but no matter, Cloud Pirates is now officially out of beta and flying.

For the uninitiated, “Cloud Pirates is an action-packed game where Captains unlock, customize and control a large number of cloud ships, fighting for the control of the skies!”

The full game features more than 45 cloud ships, 19 ship classes, 6 game modes, from ranked to casual, brotherhoods with other captains, captain, crew, & ship progression, and of course visual customization.

The Stronghold update, which is a culmination of the efforts put into patch 1.3 and 1.4, is now live on servers.

You can read up on the update, as well as the game in general, on the official site. Or just hop on over to the Steam page to give it a download.

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