If you’re a fan of fast shooting and important strategy, a new First Assault open beta is on the way that perhaps you should try. This open beta will be one of a small wave of games coming out of very popular anime series in recent days. This time, it comes as a free to play FPS based on extremely popular anime Ghost in the Shell.

First Assault features the prominent characters from the anime all voiced, allowing you to fight in several traditional FPS game modes like team deathmatch, or terminal conquest. The fps’s cult following is sure to grow further with more opportunity to get into the game available. If you’re looking to be one of those getting into the game, now is the time, the sooner the better.

First Assault is coming to the masses in the form of open beta on July 28th, only four days away. To draw in an even larger audience, as well as to entice their own, this release will come on the wave of a special event called “Major Reflection”. Major Reflection will be an aspect to a short promotion upon beta release allowing players to earn special in game items like skins for free. This is paired further with content releases of multiple new guns and skins as well.

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