Creativerse is a free to play fantasy sandbox game, created by Playful Games. The game has earned a lot of esteem as a free to play alternative to mega-popular sandbox game Minecraft. Creativerse has steadily gained a dedicated following, and offers a free to play gameplay experience with paid options to improve convenience. Today, however, Creativerse announces it’s expansion into further powerful yet optional paid content. You have the option to support the game if you have given it significant playtime, as well as alter your game experience with small purchases.

This time, Creativerse offers these additional paid features in the form of the Creativerse Pro Pack.

The Pro Pack includes many different interesting features, and several new expansions to game mechanics and gameplay in general.

First, the Pro Pack includes many different player upgrades, including doubling stamina and improving and expanding bag space by 20 slots.

Second, the Pro Pack allows for the player to create worlds, allowing for features to be customized like low levels of gravity, and peaceful settings.

Third, the Pro Pack offers two new gameplay mechanics and features, the flashlight and the glider.

Through the Pro Pack, priced at a one time purchase of $19.99, players can heavily alter their experiences in Creativerse, and is coming to the community in a near-future update.

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