Crossout has made waves as an MMO-action game, with multiplayer vehicle based combat featuring PvE environments as well. The game has intrigued a good amount of public eye but received some negative feedback from the games feature of losing inventory items.

One of the biggest reasons I remember for why I chose getting into World of Warcraft over Everquest back in the day was Everquest’s feature of losing items on death. In fact, the concept was even a negative aspect to Runescape for me at the time. For many of the gaming world, this thought process rings true, something that was demonstrated heavily for Crossout.

The developers of Crossout didn’t push away the negative feedback, however, and decided to alter the game to avoid this heavy feature that often hits gaming audiences negatively. They’ve changed inventory items to a state of indestructibility. With this new state for items, one of largely endless use, Crossout also continues to look for ways to rework the game’s economy to account for and facilitate the change.

The game remains in beta, but this is a huge step forward for the vehicle battling death racer. It shows that developers Gaijian entertainment will continue utilizing public opinion and feedback regardless of positivity in order to improve the game overall.

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